Viktoriia Slavinska


About the artist:

My name is Victoriia Slavinska. I am an artist and illustrator.

I was born in Brovary, Ukraine in 1979. In 2005, I graduated from the Kyiv University of Technology and Design. However, I began my career as an artist in 2009, and have been working in the creative profession for over 15 years.

From 2010 to 2020, I worked as a drawing teacher for children and adults at art studios.

Because of the war, I had to leave Ukraine in 2022. I live and work in Istanbul, Turkey.

I paınt urban landscapes on the theme of Istanbul, infusing my works with meaning through the use of symbols and colors.

I created illustrations for two metaphorical decks used by psychologists.

I also created a series of paintings called “Mandala 13,” comprising 13 works, “Istanbul`s tree” -6 works, “Ledy and cat” – 31 works.

I have had two solo exhibitions and have taken part in over 20 different fairs and festivals with my works and workshops, creating over 250 pieces. You can find my paintings in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Spain, Turkey, and the USA.

I run my art channel on YouTube.

  • 13/05/2023 – 21/05/23 “Behind, Between” Istanbul, Turkey
  • 05/27/2017 – 06/04/2017 the exhibition within the framework of the festival “Nymph” Kiev, ul.Ilyinskaya, 9, center of NAUKMA, Gallery of Arts of the Name O. Zamostyan.
  • 02/16//2015 – 02/23/2015 November, 2015 2nd personal exhibition “Kaleidoscope of the soul” Kiev, Saksaganskogo str., 51. art-cafe “LEOLE”
  • 05/19/2015 – 05/31/2015 international exhibition “Kiev Day at Andreevsky”
    within the framework of the TALENT ENERGY FEST festival Kyiv, Andreevskaya, 20.
  • 03/20/2013- 03/25/2013 7th International Exhibition and Competition Ukrainian Art Week
    “Breath of Spring”, Central House of Artists, Kiev, st. Artema, 1-5.
  • 03/06/2013 – 03/20/2013 1st Personal exhibition “Painting and Graphics”, Brovarsky Museum.
  • 09/10/2011 Kiev Gallery “Laurus”, 17th exhibition “Stuck”.



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